The EV-TT Transfer Center strengthens research and transfer in Salzburg in one of the most exciting areas of the life sciences and promotes the development of new forward-looking technologies. The EV-TT Transfer Center offers first-hand expertise and combines the three sides of the so-called "knowledge triangle": science, education and entrepreneurship.


Starting with an idea, the EV-TT Transfer Center focuses on application-oriented transdisciplinary research into new technologies. In the field of technology development for the therapeutic use of extracellular vesicles, the EV-TT Transfer Center provides research and business partners with transdisciplinary expertise, scientifically verified solutions and a state-of-the-art equipment along with established methods that cover the entire development process. Along the value chain ("from bench to bed side"), the development process at the EV-TT Transfer Center will be characterized by the GMP-compliant production of therapeutics in a licensed pharmaceutical environment, the implementation of research and development services in clinical trials and by the complemental application of future commercial exploitation strategies. For the first time, this competence, offered to the research and business partners at the location of the EV-TT Transfer Center in Salzburg, enables a "closed-loop" value-added cycle. This cycle at the EV-TT Transfer Center in Salzburg not only avoids the unnecessary loss of added value due to possible relocations during the development of therapeutics, but also recognizes possible synergies during the development process and uses them along the entire value chain. This allows a more agile application-oriented basic research, as well as the simultaneous development of manufacturing and analytical methods. Reducing the time and cost of providing a safe, low-side-effects, and properly-dosed drug to the physician and patient is achieved by implementing the insights gained in the development process to scale the manufacturing process and to conduct clinical trials simultaneously.


Through the targeted transfer of knowledge and technology to research and business partners, the EV-TT Transfer Center serves to strengthen the competitiveness of the location and the knowledge base of the economy. The EV-TT Transfer Center is a partner of the scientific community, educational training sites and entrepreneurs from the state of Salzburg and across national borders. It offers:

  • symposia and congresses
  • access to current research results
  • networking with experts from business and science
  • networking with academic institutions and societies
  • networking with business partners in technology transfer
  • networking with research partners in the initiation of joint research projects
  • knowledge transfer to the main topics
  • workshop „production of cell therapeutics“
  • workshop „GMP“
  • workshop „idea und product“
  • workshop „therapeutic applications of edible food exosomes“
  • workshop with dual focus on translating the results of basic research into clinical implementation while considering industry-relevant strategies
  • exchange of experience in academic education through "Best Practice Model" presentation and demonstrators
  • advice on university education, business and politics
  • project & transfer manager for direct and quick contact
  • mediation of research experts
  • development of joint research projects
  • discussions about requirements, goals and solutions
  • feasibility and potential assessments
  • discussion and development of possible applications
  • contact point for regulatory issues and legal standards